TypeOnline Course
DateJan 15, 2023 - May 30, 2023
Certificate80% of quiz marks
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About Course

The heat temperature is the number one concern of Petrol attendants due to their exposure to sunlight and the heat that their equipment produce. Petrol Attendants are provided with uniforms to protect them from the heat and make them comfortable to move.


Petrol attendants  work in a fuel station. They are responsible in assisting customers by re-fueling their car
engines, car wash, repairs and other task.
Basic Tasks Done By the Petrol Attendant include
Assisting and asking customers with their car needs.
Checking the customer’s car problem.
Refilling fuel.
Checking engines, tires.
Cleaning and overhauling cars.
Monitoring and regularly checking the condition of the gas tanks.
Checking the condition of the materials being used in the gasoline station.

What Will I Learn?

  • At the end of the module the learner should:
  • Understand the background of fuel distribution
  • Have basic knowledge and understanding of how fuel prices are determined and what percentage of the prices goes to each stakeholder.



Section 1
Lecture 1IntroductionFree Preview
Lecture 2Objective
Lecture 3Work Environment
Section 2
Lecture 4Safety and Security
Lecture 5PETROL ATTENDANTFree Preview
Lecture 6Industry Background
Lecture 7What is a Petrol Attendant
Section Quiz
Final Quiz